Gaingels Syndicate is a profits-focused, mission based affinity organization which targets investment in companies worldwide that have at least one LGBT founder, senior C-level executive, or board member.

Our mission is to channel LGBT dollars into the notoriously non diverse community of private equity and venture capital.

Gaingels uses its extensive network within the LGBT community and its allies for sourcing deals – all investments to date have come from member referrals.

Did you know?

Since our founding, 60+ members have invested over $5 million into 13 companies and four VC funds.

Gaingels supports diversity within our portfolio companies. Over half our companies have a female founder or senior leader and over half have a non-white founder or senior leader

Eleven of our companies have hired at least one additional LGBT non founder full-time. In total: 19 LGBT Hires


Our Commitment to Community

Gaingels has partnered with the Stonewall Foundation and includes a presentation from a LGBT themed charity at every investor meeting as a critical part of our commitment to investing in all aspects of the community. Gaingels encourages these charities to ask members how they can help, so members can assist and open doors.



StartOut is a network of LGBTQ entrepreneurs providing education, mentorship, networking, and access to capital both online and in person.