Our Portfolio Companies

Why Founders Love Us

Gaingels is a professional, intelligent, well-rounded group of people who have provided great value to Teckst. They are fast and efficient. As a founder, it was a great process from start to finish. The value that Ganges provided Teckst went far beyond a simple monetary investment. Everyone in the round has expert knowledge, and they share whenever asked.
— Matt Tumbelson, CEO of Teckst
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Gaingels is a great network of investors committed to empowering LGBT entrepreneurs through mentorship, coaching, and offering them access to capital. It is a pleasure to work, and collaborate, with seasoned professionals across multiple industries and backgrounds.
— Advisor Connect Team
Gaingles through due diligence process sets a new standard while the group is composed of seasoned investors ready to help LGBT entrepreneurs succeed. I never believed in the gay mafia until being given the velvet glove assistance from the Gaingels.
— Nathan Richardson, CEO of TradeIt
The Gaingels joined in our seed round for Imperative, turned around a quick investment from its members and immediately hit the ground running to advise us on strategy and business development. The Gaingels have proven to not only invest money, but also the time, energy and direction to help its portfolio companies thrive. As an LGBTQ Co-Founder, it means a lot to me to see the Gaingels building a strong support network of investors and entrepreneurs.
— Arthur Woods, COO of Imperative
The Gaingels are a great group of high quality professionals with whom we have been extremely happy to work with. Shortly after being introduced to the organization, we secured new client revenue from the introductions made within their ranks, naturally, this exceeded our expectations.
— James Brooks, CEO of Glassview Media
Gaingels comprises a group of successful and impassioned professionals across industries. A key difference with Gaingels, is that they’re always thinking about how they can help you with funding and connections both today and in the future. Knowing you have pool of experienced long-term partners you can rely on is invaluable.
— Carlo Cisco, CEO of SELECT
Gaingles was the first investor group we pitched, and we are so excited to be working with them! We identified them as a group we wanted to work with because of their commitment to the LGBT community and the group of impressive and experienced investors that make up their syndicate. The mentorship, support and leadership the network provides is invaluable to our company’s growth.
— Erika Mozes, Co-Founder of Hyr

Our Commitment to Community

Gaingels has partnered with the Stonewall Foundation and includes a presentation from a LGBT themed charity at every investor meeting as a critical part of our commitment to investing in all aspects of the community. Gaingels encourages these charities to ask members how they can help, so members can assist and open doors.